Thank You

We appreciate the support of the entire PKU community, many anonymous donors, and these individuals in particular, who contributed to our 2015 year-end campaign.

Ann Moran
Anthony Soule
Barbara and Ed Leaton
Bess Dertin On behalf of Johnny Walsborn
Betsy Flournoy In honor of Walker & Frances Cottrell
Betsy Hytinen Joshua Hytinen
Brian and Dorothy Flynn
Bruce and Alva Butcher In Memory of Michael Glass
Carlos & Luz Zaldana In honor of the Carnes Family
Carolyn and Russell Pierson
Charlene and Adbulhadi Al-Qallaf On behalf of Lelia Al-Qallaf
Chris & Michelle Boiko On behalf of Mark Boiko
Dan and Gayle Heskin
Darren Richard & Mary Van Haaften
Dolores & Harvey Pilot In honor of Abby Williams
Doris Schroeder In honor of Emily Beile
Dr. Justin M. Young
Edgar and Karen Middelhoven
Eileen Blakely
Eileen Flood
Emily and Marc Mora
Evenlyn & Stephen Cederbaum
Family of James Fryer
Francesca Paterno
Frank & Denise Corbett
Gloria and Anthony Miliote In honor of Michael Miliote
Gordon L. Blundell Jr. M.D.
Howard & Moira Buhse
Hugh Larkin
In honor of Isabelle Morgan
Jacqueline Gregerson
James Coldwell
James Grace In Honor of Ben Dickson
Janet Kean
Jean Koch in memory of Dr. Robert Koch
Jeanne and Ed Clark
Jeanne Obert
Jenny Primeau
Jodi Schatz and Dean Jerrehian
Joseph and Karen Kenney
Josephine and William Lombardo In honor of Gabriella Torre
Kathy and Ron Brown In honor of their grandchildren Caitlin and Alec Kerr
Keith Merrill
Laura Pretz
Laureen Keough On behalf of Alan Cooper
Lisa Ricci
Lisa Wolfe
Lori and Mike Hanlon
Marcia and James Pickard Eliot Wilkinson
Marie Saint-Hilaire
Marshall Krause On behalf of Leyln Krause
Martha Maeder On behalf of Al Maeder IV
Marty and Lorraine Mancuso
Mary and Bruce Kimbrell
Matt and Mary Kaye Gubenski In gratitude for Virginia Schuett
Mia Galloni For Loris and all people with PKU
Michael and Eileen Chambers
Michael and Ellen Mc Auliffe
Michael and Kathleen Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. A. Greco Brendan Larkin
Mrs. Peggy Tita
On behalf of Addison Blake
On behalf of Andrew Williams
On behalf of Karlie Schneider
On behalf of Lyndsey Weaver
On behalf of Matt Gohlke
On behalf of Shane and Brianna Webster
Ostermann Family
Pam and Max Terhune
Pat & Jim Christensen In honor of Kjell J. Christensen
Patricia and Thomas Keegan
Paul and Jeannie O’Callaghan
Peter and Denise Gariepy
Phyllis and Mark Odell In memory of Helen Jensen
Randolph Mohr In honor of McKenna Ruland. Love, Poppop
Rhona Jack In Honor of Mike Glass
Richard Dobronsky On behalf of Emily Ryan
Robert and Minerva Dubuss
Robert Scharr
Scott Rinella, Inc. On behalf of his daughter Brooklyn
Shannon Long and Trina Faatz Tyler Long
Shirley Bell
Simon and Jeannie Walsh Declan Walsh
Stephen and Debra Atkins
Steve & Nicole Lipowski
Steven Johnson and Susan Iverson
The Campbell Family
The Crawford Family In honor of Jeffrey Crawford
The Jensen Family
The Steinkamp Family In honor of Megan & Josh Steinkamp
The Sullivan Family
Thomas McHugh
Timothy & Sandra Horn
Timothy and Roberta McNellis
Tom Koch In memory of Richard Koch
Wayne & Joy Jordan
William & Alice Kelly
William & Maria Palace In honor of Abigail Palace

(Current as of 1/20/2016)